The House

The King's colour Harvest!!

Oh my! how nice to see you!
You've come to see with the king? The King of Harvest himself? Oh my!
That's fantastic I must say though I admit this isn't the best time
The king is off conducting business in other places...
So if you've come to see him I'm afraid you'll just have to wait
He'll be back in due time so I hope you turned the stove off before you left hahaha

Oh well, I shouldn't joke. Anyways if you need a place to stay I'd be happy to let you.
Since the war I've had a few empty beds unfortunately...
Hm..? sorry I was lost in thought
Oh? you're going to stay here?
Excellent!! The only Caveat is that You need to help out with the harvest
I hope you don't mind!

A cabin

Heres the website and it's so frustrating to work on jesus christ
The website should exist a bit more in like a week but who knows at this rate
Thanks for stopping by anyway! I hope to see you again soon!!